Yobe State University Fire Incident- Governor Buni Ensures Girls Students are re-accomodated with Diginity.

Yobe State University Fire Incident- Governor Buni Ensures Girls Students are re-accomodated with Diginity


Fire incident occurred at one of the Girls Hostel of Yobe State University in the evening of 13th February 2024, the incident which led to complete burning of the hostel which accomodates approximately 128 legal occupants with +/- 50 additional students left all student stranded at the time of the incident.


Yobe State University leadership were at the scene with Fire service and other Government officials to Commiserate with the student and ensure they are protected and re accommodate with diginity.


His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni CON, rep by His Deputy who visited the scene along with the SSG, Hon. COM MHADM, Security adviser while Commiserating with the management and students call on SEMA to ensure the students are re accomodated with diginity and imediate support provided in the night.


No Life was lost, as 16 students reviewed at the hospital were all discharged in the night.


The Executive Secretary of SEMA Dr Goje Mohammed after assessing the temporary site for relocation provided by the University immediately swung in to action and activated team to delivery first line life saving kits to the students.


As at 11 pm of 13th February, 2023, SEMA has mobilised and handed over the following items for safe temporary re-accomodation of the girls students.


1. 5 Cartons of Sanitary Pads

2. 51 Double sized Vitafoam Mattresses

3. 188 Pcs of Nylon Mats

4. 57 Pcs of Blankets

5. 350 Pcs of Mosquito Nets

6. 200 Pcs of 20 Liter Buckets

7. 200 Pcs of Dining Plates

8. 200 Pcs of Cups

9. 159 Pcs of Bathroom Slippers

10. 80 Pcs of Bread

11. 52 Sardines Fish Fast Food

12. 20 cartons of Indonie Noodles

13. 2 Cartons of Toilet Soap

14. 200 packnof Satchet water


While delivering the Items, ES further assured the management of the University of more support as the need arises.


As at 11pm, the Girls students are tempor

arily re-accommodated and safe.