Yobe State Government Reviewed WFP Q1 2021 scale up targeting over 500,000 caseload

Yobe State emergency Management Agency met with leadership  and Head of programs of WFP Yobe State in early January to review the Q1 WFP work plan. The Executive secretary of SEMA while welcoming Mr Zacharie Bagula (Damaturu Head of Sub office) and Anita Narahari (Head of Programs) commended the effort of WFP in the state especially in complementing Governors Bunis effort in responding to the plights of the vulnerable IDPs in host community , in self set camps , new arrivals as well as returnees and those affected by sporadic attacks by members of the NSAGs. The ES SEMA further commended WFP on the support rendered to the agency interns of warehousing (Provision of 3 MSUs) and a storage facility within their premises especially during the Covid-19 lockdown when the need and urgency for space is eminent.

While presenting the draft work plan, the Head of Programs Anita Narahari informed the government that the scale up will in total target over half a million (CH (IPC) Caseload to be targeted: 548,775) . With cash base transfer targeting (CBT: 451,054), In kind (56,911) and Nutrition (40,810). The head of Programs further informed the state government that targeting and SCOPE Registration will occur simultaneously in each location and training to the CP field staff should be “classroom” based and not a virtual training, in order to be effective, as this training is critical for the success of the exercise.

ES SEMA informed the WFP team of its readiness to ensure effective monitoring, providing enabling environment and capacity transfer to state team for sustainability and ownership. He further asked the WFP team for an opportunity to build staff  capacity in warehousing and stock keeping.