Yobe SEMA sponsored the State level Cadre Harmonise (CH) analysis Workshop which lasted for six (6) days (1st to 6th March, 2023).

CH is a unifying platform that uses global best measures and variables that help to produce a relevant, consensual, rigorous and transparent analysis of the current and projected Food and Nutritional situations. It classifies the severity of food and nutrition insecurity based on International classification scale through well-defined functions. The analysis is both for current and projected situations in Yobe State.
Many data sources were used for the analysis including:
1. Essential need and nutrition assessment (ENNA): WFP/NBS.
2. Agricultural Production Data: Yobe ADP/NEARLS
3. Flood impact: ADAM data, NEMA and Yobe SEMA.
4. Commodity Prices of major staple food and cash crops: Yobe ADP.
5.Displacement Trafficking Matrix (DTM): IOM & Yobe SEMA.
6. Nutrition and Mortality Data: UNICEF/IPC AMIN
FNI monitoring under COVID-19 Pandemic: CILSS.
7. HEA Outcome: Save the Children International:
8. Herder’s Farmers Conflict, Food Insecurity and post-Harvest Inferno: Yobe SEMA.
9. Food Distribution to IDPs, Returnees, poor and vulnerable HH in Yobe State: Yobe SEMA.
10. Bush fire: Yobe SEMA
The 6 days activity which brings on board stakeholders which include:
1. Permanent Secretary Ministry of Agriculture and Natural Resources
2. The permanent Secretary, the Ministry of Health and Human Resources and technical team.
3. The Executive Secretary, SEMA and Technical team.
4. The Lead Consultant
6. UN- FAO
8. WFP
9. CH Coordinator and Technical Team.
10. Save the Children International.
12. Representative of Yobe State Food Security Sector Working Group. bring out a result that will be used to make an informed decision.