Yobe SEMA marked the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, 13 Oct. 2023

Yobe SEMA marked the International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, 13 Oct. 2023

Distributes Food and Non Food Items to 150 Vulnerable Households in Abujan Mai Mala/YBC extention.

Every year, 13th October is set aside to acknowledge the significant progress made in reducing the impact of disasters and preserving the well-being and livelihoods of communities.

ES Yobe SEMA on this 2023 IDDRR led his team to support 150 Vulnerable Households in 2 communities with Food and Non Food Items.

While there are more reason to celebrate success recorded in Disaster reduction in the state vis-a-vis reduction in records of incidence compared to previous years, the ES said he is not unmindful of the ongoing food security challenges occasioned by farming lean period amidst subsidy removal,hence instead ” we decided to celebrate by distribution of the food basket as directed by His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni CON.

The ES further calls on all staff to be proactive and ensure response is in line with global best practices and with accountability to the affected population.

The theme of this year’s commemoration, “Fighting Inequality for a Resilient Future,” emphasizes the importance of addressing disparities and vulnerabilities in disaster risk management. This underscores the need to create a more equitable and resilient society, where no one is left behind in the face of disasters.

Leaders from the 2 vulnerable communities of Abujan Mai Mala and YBC extention applauded Governor Bunis effort for this and continued support to there communities and prayed for peace to continue reign as they enjoy settling in their host community.

The ES SEMA further said, Governor Mai Mala Buni as an Emergency Management ambassador is more commited to ensuring marginalized and disadvantaged communities are treated equally in disaster responses and ensure the most vulnerable are prioritiies irrespective of status.

Over the years, Yobe SEMA has recorded a tremendous achievement in disaster risk reduction. This may not be unconnected with:

1. Political will by actors and gatekeepers
2. Community Engagement and sensitization
3. Improve early warning systems
4. Early response
5. Improve capacity of actors
6. Strengthen partnership and resource mobilisation.

On this International Day for Disaster Risk Reduction, as we reflect on the success recorded we most not ignore the challenges ahead by remaining alert, resolute and prepared to prevent and reduce the occrance of disaster so that we can save lifes and properties.