Yobe SEMA alongside 13 MDAs, CSOs and Humanitarian partners held Join 2023 Flood Preparedness Meeting.

The 2023 Flooding is coming at a time when community vulnerability is high due to impact of 2022 flood with un resolved gaps and challenges. The impact of the 2022 flood on crop production and displacements amongst other challenges increases the vulnerability of the affected population.
NIMET, NIHSA vis-a-vis NEMA dessimination for country and state outlook has shown areas of concern and call for action. His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni CON has since the dessimination of the Flood Prediction Outlook directed SEMA to intensify action and ensure prevention and mitigation measures are activated to reduce impact.
At the end of the end of the meeting some action points were resolved to guide subsequent engagement and consultations.
1. While community mobilization and awareness raising session on flood and AWD/Cholera is ongoing across the state. There is a need to scale up the information sessions.
2. SEMA, WASH Sector, Min. of Health, Min. of Information and NOA to meet bilaterally and work out modalities of increasing awareness raising sessions across the state.
3. NiMet and NIHSA prediction outlooks are important for preparedness but there might be some difference as these predictions are not static hence the need for continuous monitoring of the outlook and dam gauge of rivers within the state.
4. SEMA, Dir. Dams Operation and relevant line MDAs to conduct a joint visit to neighboring states with dams to coordinate on dams operation and build rapport.
5. SEMA, Min. of Information, NOA and NUJ to strengthen community engagement approach by engaging community and religious leaders on community sensitization.
6. SEMA and OCHA to identify relevant MDAs to draft a long-term plan of 5 years on flood mitigation.
7. Education Sector identify schools prone to flooding, schools currently under occupation of IDPs because of last year’s flooding.
8. SEMA, Min of Humanitarian Affairs and Yobe CSO network to engage MDAs and understand budgetary constraints to emergency response and also advocate for more resource within and outside.
Yobe SEMA alongside OCHA chaired the meeting were sector leads (Health, Nutrition, Education and Food Security) made separate presentations on status, challenges and needs as the season sets in.
A HIGH LEVEL STAKEHOLDERS ENGAGEMENT MEETING With religious Traditional and community leaders of the worse hit LGAs will be held as next step of the engagement.