Tulo-Tulo, A deserving Community- Governor Bunis Palliatives

Tulo-Tulo, A deserving Community- Governor Bunis Palliatives

When His Excellency circled Tulo-Tulo and 4 other communities across the state as additional Distribution point during the planing stage of the Subsidy removal Palliatives, little did i see the wisdom and foresight in choosing those communities.

I was only able to visit Tulo-Tulo amongst the 4, Ruhu in Gulani and 2 other locations in Zone B and C.

Tulo-Tulo is located in Yusufari LGA of Yobe State, 35 KLM A 2 hours trip in the Sahara with aid of an EXPERT drivers and 4WD hilux vehicle, bordering Niger Republic through Port Obasanjo Border. A serene environment with very hospitable and patient inhabitants.

Travelling through the desert come with mixed feelings:-

1.Childhood imagination of why would human being go this far and settle while there is an abundant land close to the main road.
2. Feelings of the beautiful scenes of the desert along the way, the natural beauty of Tulo-Tulo Desert/Sea and Salt Oasis
3. Above all the reality of transversing this distance and not a single crop planted or growing.

The later justifies why His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni CON directed Tulo-Tulo as a compulsory Distribution point, ” You most deliver to them in Tulo-Tulo”.. he said.

I felt the burden of leadership and reality why the task most be done on time. Along the way ,the few villages i saw, with full of people that are contented and grateful, yet hopeful and happy that we pass through there communities, waved them and in some places stoped to ask few questions.

I keep wondering how they survive, with no fertile land and no crops grown or ready for harvest in November?

In Tulo-Tulo, at the border gate, i saw our beneficiaries waiting, cheering as we came down and happy that this food basket is delivered to their door steps.

In Tulo-Tulo i saw a people who are so contented, so patient and lovely, so accomodating that they cooked rice and stew with goad and chicken meat. They welcomed us as we delivered to them what is there RIGHT.

In Tulo-Tulo i experience and felt with nostalgia the moments of No GSM, as we took brief moment to walk up the sand dunes, see the patash and Lake Oasis with no phone ringing and No mails to see and reply.

Ya Allah bear me witness i have done my part for Tulo-Tulo is a deserving Community