SOKOTO SEMA Learning Visit to Yobe SEMA…Day 2

In the ongoing 5 days Learning visit embarked by SOKSEMA in Yobe, today 17th January 2023. Yobe SEMA Continues advocacy to office of the Executive Director Yobe Network for Civil Society Organisation and Head office of UN OCHA and undertook lecture sessions and practicals
While at the Network office, the ED and program heads took SOKSEMA team through issues around advocacy, Coordination and resource mobilisation. The ED emphasized on the need to strengthen Coordination and ensure CSO present in their state have physical presence and willingness to tranfer capacity and build sustainable plan.
While at OCHA, the head of office review the concept of Humanitarian Principles, how donor operate and why they operate in conflict environment. He further advised the SOKSEMA team to be always guided by humanitarian principles and open up to be working as a team. He called on them to adopt advocacy and inclusion as core guidance in delivering thier objectives.
The Executive Secretary SEMA Yobe later took the team through presentation “Journey so far: Organogram, E-SEMA, Resource mobilization, Operations, Success Stories, Challenges and Lessons learned” and A second session on “2022 Flood Reports and Response across Yobe State” and a final Session on use of software to generate data in the field.
The SOKSEMA Team leader while thanking the facilitators for the success recorded so far, said they feel more convinced that this Learning visit is worthwhile and thank Yobe State Government for providing the enabling environment.