SEMA/ WFP/OCHA meets LGA Chairmen, Reviews WFP 2024 Plan.

SEMA/ WFP/OCHA meets LGA Chairmen, Reviews WFP 2024 Plan


Yobe State Emergency Management Agency today 18th January 2023 met with Leadership of 17 LGAs alongside UN WFP AND OCHA to discuss 2024 WFP implementation and patners gaps across LGA.


The objective of the meeting is to:

– To communicate on WFP plans for 2024 and the process that informed those plans

– To inform the LGA chairmen of the new LGAs that will be included in WFP intervention in 2024 and the plans for census and registration of new beneficiaries

– Sensitize the LGA leadership on the other WFP programmes

– To get feedback from the LGA chairmen on those plans and their recommendations

– To Strengthen communication across LGA on UN INGOs and national NGaos implementation


1.During the meeting the ES assured the LGA chairmen that as key gatekeepers and entry point WFP and other patners will Strengthen communication and entry.


2.Census of all patners implementing across LGA vis-avis projects and target location will be documented and shared with LGA chairmen.


3.Cadre Harmonize will be Strengthen to ensure Government leads the process and it reflect true position of the communities.


Respective LGA chairmen gave in their feedback and concerns.