SEMA Training on 5S/KAIZEN in Tandari Community of Potiskum LGA.

SEMA Training on 5S/KAIZEN in Tandari Community of Potiskum LGA.





SET in order





Yobe SEMA with support from UNDP-Nigeria organized training on 5S/Kaizen Training in Tandari, the 1st session of the training focused on imparting essential knowledge and skills to local participants for the enhancement and support of small-scale businesses through the principles of 5S and KAIZEN.


The training emphasized the practical application of 5S, comprising Sort, Set in order, Shine, Standardize, and Sustain, as a systematic approach to streamline operations and improve overall efficiency in small businesses.


Additionally, the session delved into the core principles of KAIZEN, promoting a mindset of continuous improvement through incremental changes, especially tailored to the context of small-scale enterprises.


Participants gained valuable insights into implementing these methodologies to optimize processes, reduce waste, and foster sustainable growth, contributing to the development of resilient and thriving local businesses it also provides a platform for empowering participants with tools to positively impact their communities’ economic landscape.


The training will continue for 4 days.

Participants which include PLWD are comfortably provided with all training logistics and fed well.