SEMA rescued Victim of (IEDs).

In the afternoon of 15th November, 2020, 2 Young Boys 13 & 14 years old resident of Sabon pegi in Damaturu found a heavy metal object in their farmland located behind one of the public schools in Damaturu.
Unfortunately, Unknown to the innocent boys the object turns out to be an IED which later exploded and caused them severe damage.
While no one died amongst them, there is likelihood that one of the patient will have his arm amputated.
2. On Same day an IDP Returnee from Buni Yadi sustain Injury as a result of Occupational Hazard. The Victim, is a 19 year old who loss control of his leg while managing a diesel grinding Machine.
_SEMA Provided all Medications needed to stabilize both patients at A&E unit of GSASH Damaturu.
The team of medical personnel at the hospital were of immense help during the concurrent incident as both patients received the best attention they deserved.
SEMA wish to call on the public to be careful while picking unknown metal objects on ground and wish to further advise parent to monitor movement of their wards/children.