SEMA registers IDP new arrivals from Borno State

The upsurge in violence by non-state armed groups (NSAG) and clashes between them and government forces continue to trigger displacement population from Niger and Tchad Republics, fringes of Borno and within heightened security areas of LGAs in Yobe State.

Populations from inaccessible areas in Yobe and northern Borno State, and Nigerian refugees from the Niger Republic continue to arrive in Gujba, Nguru, Damaturu, Gashua, and Geidam local government areas (LGAs), due to an upsurge in violence in those areas.

Between December 2020 and January 2021, there has been continuous influx of IDPS new arrivals in Kukareta and Lawan Bukarti Village (Damaturu LGA) and Garin Itace (Gujba LGA).

This influx of people from areas with limited health and hygiene facilities into densely populated communities also increases the risk of infectious diseases.

While SEMA and IOM are still conducting validation and registration of these new arrivals, some 556 HHs (2,205 individuals) arrived in Kukareta (374 HH – 1,870 individuals), Lawan Bukarti Village (115 HH – 642 individuals) and Garin Itatce (67 HHs – 335 individuals)

The situation of these new arrivals is requiring urgent humanitarian intervention having been exposed to health-related risk and hardship with a poor living condition.

Because validation and registration exercise are ongoing in Geidam, Bade, Nguru, Yunusari, Damaturu and Gujba LGAs, it’s imperative to note that the aforementioned figure might change with more information on some areas whose information is not captured above.  Since population movements are haphazard and spontaneous in nature, there is projection that once normalcy returns to areas of displacement, some IDPS might return to their original home.

A comprehensive report capturing new arrivals from Bade, Geidam, Yunusari and Nguru will be updated and shared after validation.

Kukareta: Damaturu LGA

Internally displaced persons (IDPs) were recorded in Damaturu LGA with about 1,870 individuals between the periods of December 2020/ January 2021. The population migrated from Konduga, Kaga, Magumeri and Damboa LGAs of Borno State. The reason for their movement was as a result of increase in violence by non-state armed groups (NSAG) in the area. These IDPs were absorbed in the host communities of Kukareta ward of the LGA.

Lawan Bukarti Village: Damaturu LGA

About 642 (individuals) Internally displaced persons (IDPs) were recorded in Lawan Bukarti Village of Damaturu LGA in Jan 2021. The population migrated from Gwala Bamma in Magumeri LGA Borno State

Garin Itace: Gujba LGA

Gujba recorded 335 individuals IDPs new arrivals living in host communities of Garin Itace village. The population are majorly from Guzamala, Mafa, Konduga, Bama, Magumeri, Damaboa and Kaga LGAs of Borno state. Good number of these populations are in makeshift tents, others are hosted by their relatives while the rest of the population are in rented houses. Their movement was triggered by life-threatening attacks and information they alleged to have received from the insurgents asking them to relocate for their own peace and safety.