SEMA Delivers Life Saving Support to hard to reach Flood Victims in Jakusko

SEMA response team in Bade/Jakusko travelled the whole day to access Jakusko with Food Basket aimed at reaching the most vulnerable flood victims as first line support.
The team with the support of LGA and local baot drivers further travelled on board for 6hrs to access GARIN MALAM, GASAMO, JALIYA & DAKALAN communities in Jakusko LGA and delivered live saving support. The level of destruction to Houses, Farmlands and livestock is not quantifiable at the moment but Multi Sectoral Need Assessment (MSNA) is ongoing.
While this support is ongoing, EVACUATION of most vulnerable (Women, Children and the Elderly) has commenced. Already access is difficult, water sources are contaminated thus increasing risk across the communities.
His Excellency has directed imediate evacuation of HIGH RISK areas to safer and accesible location to reduce risk as water flow from hadejia and other Dams is on the rise.
More communities will be reached accordingly with food basket and other live saving commodities