Reintegration and Return of IDPs- A post Conflict Recovery Response.

SEMA Visits Kolkola Village as IDPs return after 8 years of Displacement
Kolkota is a village in Mandunari Ward of Gujba LGA, with an approximate total population of over 250HH before Displacement due to conflict in 2016. Majority of the inhabitants live in IDP camps and host communities. With relative peace they decided in 2023 to return to their ancestral home, though completely washed away by flood and conflict, they decided to pick the pieces and start a new life.
SEMA as directed by His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni Visited the village with the aimed of assessing the needs of the returnees in an effort to provide them with succour to support thier reintegration and Stabilisation post conflict. The village has school and a water borehole will be improvised to start the recovery pprocess.