Nguru Market Fire Victims receive Government Support

In Continuation of efforts by Government at all levels to cushion the hardship marketers are going through during this trying moments especially small scale shop owners who need to buy and sale daily to Put food on their tables, NEMA and SEMA ON 2Oth and 21st January successfully distributed food ration to the over 440 victims.
The distribution of the food ration followed holistic assessment by all stakeholders involved. At the flag off of the distribution of the food ration Hon Speaker YSHA who led the process assured the victims that justice will be accorded to them throughout the process and also pleaded to them to be patient while access routes are being created within the market and immediately after that the building materials will also be distributed.
While NEMA provided the food basket as detailed during the visit of Senate Presdient and Hon Minister of HADMSD, additional ration of 50kg each and cloths were also provided by YSG.
All stakeholders took part in affirming the sharing formula and went round together to ensure distribution is carried out directly.
Each Victim went home with a basket containing
Rice, Beans , Maize, cloths, soap and a combination of condiments (Tomatoes paste, veg oil , iodize salt and seasoning).
NB: Building materials distribution will follow same pattern after accces road is created by relevant MDAs