Jakusko LGA Flood Response and Evacuation


…Gasamu Worse hit Community

  1. Over 400 HH recieved live saving Support
  2. Communities Relocated to Primary School.
  3. More Communities at risk as effort through dialogue is ongoing to relocate them
  4. Access still difficult
  5. SEMA thank Jakusko LGA chairman for his leadership role in reaching those communities and Commiserating with them on behalf of Government.

SEMA continues to provide support to victims following Flood and Displacement. SEMA Flood assistance teams are going from community to Community with Boats ensuring displaced flood victims receive life saving support as directed by HE Governor Mai Mala Buni.

Over 400 HH with 2800 Individuals from Gasamu, Garin Kachalla, Malaika and Garin Malan

Have so far been supported with basic life saving supports.Unfortunate Gasamu Gogaram is still at risk with more displacement.

While Government is intensifying effort to ensure victims are supported, the situation in Gasamu and other communities calls for more response. Already marketers and some philanthropist have been keying in to complement Government effort.

More communities are still battling with Embankment as more sand fill Sacks are delivered to support the embankment and protect the communities. While MSNA is ongoing, SEMA will intensify effort to reach inaccessible communities with Government support.

Other communities to be reached include:

  1. Gamajan
  2. Sabon sara
  3. Kunu
  4. Kurkushe
  5. Adiya
  6. Damasa












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