Governor Buni Pre-Harvest Support to Vulnerable Households

   Pre-Harvest Seasons are seasons that comes with shortage of food reserve, a situation were by farmers have used up their food reserves and are yet to harvest the ones in the farm.
This are trying moments for low income farmers and worse for IDPs in host communities and above all for FARMERS affected by early season FLOOD.
In line with Governor Mai Mala Bunis directives, SEMA through independent Consultants is targeting 1000 households across 5 Wards, 21 Communities in Damaturu LGA as a pilot support to cushion the pre-harvest food shortage and support the vulnerable farmers and IDPs.
SEMA partnered with an Independent Consultants led by Dr Mohammed Alkali Dilala who have vast experience in vulnerability assessment, screening, identification and inclusion. The team identified 1000 vulnerable households across 21 communities in Damaturu in this phase of the intervention.
As directed by Governor Buni, each beneficiary will go home with a food basket that will support atleast a family of 7 to 9 for some days before harvest and hopefully bumper stock across communities
This response will continue within available resources.