Geidam lGA Flood Victims Relocation

Geidam Relocation

  1. 71 HH recieved live saving Support
  2. Over 450 Individuals Relocated from Kirikasamma to Kalgeri
  3. New HAND PUMP(Borehole) Drilled at Kalgeri by SEMA
  4. Geidam Community donated Kalgeri Houses to Flood IDPs
  5. Another 150 HH to be supported with Trampoline (UNHCR) and other live saving support in Awakurari, Damakarwa, Goyeri and Shettima

SEMA continues to provide support to victims following Flood and Displacement. SEMA Flood assistance teams are on the ground recieving displaced flood victims and ensuring they receive life saving support as directed by HE Governor Mai Mala Buni.

461 Individuals from Kirikasamma already Evacuated to Kalgeri in Geidam, Kirikasamma is one of the 6 high risk communities and 22 inaccessible communities in Geidam directed by government to be relocated. Prio to the relocation, SEMA reached out to Individuals owners of the newly Constructed estate and they agreed to give thier house free to the displaced victims.

A Hand Pump was constructed immediately by SEMA to ensure availability of water as IDP come to the temporary camp. Food basket, blankets, Mosquito Nets and other NFIs are provided accordingly.

ES PHCMB Babagana Kundi Machina has been contacted and informed of the location and has assured providing needed support and services to the new arrivals.

Geidam Stakeholders are currently making contributions and donations to support the new arrivals and complement Government efforts.

Below are the communities that are affected by Kumudugugana River flood, with some totally destroyed and others were circled by water making it hard to reach unless by boat. This has affected access and day to day trade amongs the communities.

  1. Kirikasamma
  2. Awakurari
  3. Damakarwa
  4. Lawan kaltumeri
  5. Dawai
  6. Buwa
  7. Bulakuwa
  8. Bulanguwa
  9. Goyeri
  10. Daudari
  11. Maladari
  12. Malumma kawuwa
  13. Jajeri
  14. Guluri
  15. Mallari
  16. Karabiri
  17. Malawango
  18. Kesala
  19. Dalari

19.Darwo shilandi

  1. Darwo mariri
  2. Darwo kakanari
  3. Darwo lambowu