Flood Updates: Profiling, Protection and Response to victims Updates

Flood Updates

Profiling, Protection and Response to victims


        Through the night of 16th to 17th August 2021, Profiling, Relocation and support is ongoing concurrently.
1. About 94 Household with 487 individuals have been moved to temporary safe location
2. Six (6) Houses rented for 6 months for 6 Households including the Households who lost family members
3. About 74 Households Nahuta, Binduri, Jigawa and Dubai are profiled and are hosted within the host community
4. Food ration provided at temporary location ( 3 Square meal) with NFIs (Nylon mats, Mosquito nets, Blankets and water containers)
5. Food and NFI distributed to affected victims in rented Households (6 months rent, Bags of rice, condiments, Matresses and children cloths).
6. LGA health team mobilised to provide medical support
On a Sad note:
The 2 death bodies of the missing children were found in faw away Dawasa (>40klm) from scene of incident and another women loss her life as a result of building colapse today 17th August 2021.
Plan is on the way to ensure all victims in temporary locations are moved to rented houses within thier host communities.
Profiling will be completed to ensure holistic response to victims.
Flood keeps occuring with increase rainfall, reports have been recieved across different LGAs and Government will respond within available resources base on severity of incident.
The general public is also called on to note that Alau and Laddo dam will be opened to release water, this is for information of the public