Flood Updates: Assessment, Response and Providing Protection to Flood affected Communities

Flood Updates:

Assessment, Response and Providing Protection to Flood affected Communities

Following the reports from NIMET, NIHSA and subsequent directives by His Excellency Governor Mai Mala Buni to Ensure downstream communities are protected. Today Monday 16th August 2021 the following steps were put in place.
1. Meeting with stakeholders and relevant MDAs for collaboration, partnership, Mapping, identifying and classifying the downstream communities that needed protection.
2. SEMA/YSHA member team paid a visit to Potiskum to condole families who lost loved ones. One family lost 4 children ( an Infant who was pulled out from back of his mother by the heavy flood, a 10, 13 children and a 17 year old daughter , The last 2 corpses are yet to be identified) as well as another family who lost 1 member were all visited on behalf of the state Government.
3. SEMA conducted assessment to identify immediate needs and simultaneously offer first line support
4. LGA identified temporary site and already high risk locations were relocated to the temporary settlement. This is aimed at protecting them to avoid more casualties as most of the houses are completely or partially damaged and on same water 💧ways.
5. Basic service at the temporary site (Water, Blanket, Mosquito nets, Nylon mats) are provided.
6.Household who lost family members and houses completely damaged were accomodated in a rented apartment within the neighbourhood, This is to enable them conduct the religious rites and recieve condolences asociated with the loss.
7. Response team will continue working overnight to ensure the protection needs are made
8. SEMA further called on household on waterways to relocate to safer locations as experts have reported high rainfall tendencies in those locations.


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