Education is globally recognized as an essential element for preventing violent extremism, building peace, and promoting sustainable development. The decade long crisis in the northeast has affected the education sector with resultant decline in the quality and access to education, particularly in rural and remote areas
Yobe State Government is implementing early recovery and stabilization through various Support among which is Girl Child Education in post conflict environment to increase access, enrolment, and retention. In another round of the support to GGSS Buni Gari, Yobe State Emergency Management Agency through its IDPs recovery project provided the following support to over 1400 students of GGSS Buni Gari
1.Reconstruction of a block of Hostel (Ongoing)
2.Renovation of a Block of Hostel (Completed)
3. Distribution of WASH Kits with support from Save The Children International (SCI)
This is in addition to services erlier provided in June 2022 which includes.
1. Health Talk on good hygiene practices.
2. Medical support, consultations and medication
3. Disribution of Hygiene Kits
4.Construction of a block of VIP Latrines
5. Disinfection of Existing Toilets.
Each bag of WASH pack distributed to the over 1400 students consist of the following item:
1. 20 Liter Jerican
2. 20 Liter Plastic Bucket with Lid
3. 1 pack of detergent
4. 1 Mosquito Net
5. 4Pcs of Bathing Soap
6. 4Pcs of Washing Soap
7.5pcs of Shaving Stick
8. 1 Toothpaste
9. 1 Toothbrush
10. 1 Nail Cutter
11. 10Pcs of Aqua tab
12. 1 Touch Light
13. 1 Large Kitting bag
14. 1 Dettol
15. 1 Izal
GGSS Buni Gari provided catchment area to over 21 Political wards and 213 communities in Gujba and Gulani LGAs and is been operating in Damaturu host community over the years.