As SEMA intensifies Sensitization for prevention of adverse 2023 Flood effect, Labba Kuka In Mutai Ward of Gujba LGA recorded Flood incidence due to heavy rainfall

3 people died with 271 households affected/ displaced due to heavy rainfall on 5th May 2023 in Labba Kuka community in Mutai Ward of Gujba LGA.
Yobe SEMA Flood Response team along with Hon Counsellor representing Mutai ward and community leaders jointly conducted an assessment of Flood incidence secondary to heavy rainfall.
A total of 271 HHs with over 1600 individuals were affected and profilled with 532 rooms destroyed.
Sadly, 3 persons died with 9 others susatining injuries as a result of the flood incident. While the death have since been buried the injured ones were referred to neighbouring hospital in Bajoga Gombe State.
1.SEMA Will follow up with Bagoja Hospital and ensure victims recieved treatment with Government Support.
2.SEMA will intensify resource mobilisation and provide immediate support to the affected victims.
2. Humanitarian actors working in the affected communities will be mobilised to key in to complement Government effort.
3. Gujba LGA is dully informed to prioritise the community in terms of water hygiene response as well as basic primay health care for the displaced.
4.SEMA will continue LGA level stakeholders engagement for mitigation and Prevention inline with NIMET and NEMA early warning signs.