Almajiris Support Continues…..” Cover The Almajiri before Harmattan.

Almajiris Support Continues…..” Cover The Almajiri before Harmattan”


     At the eve of Sallah while presenting Governor Bunis Sallah Package to 271 selected Tsangayas across 7 LGAs, we assured them of complementing the Tsangaya system Reintegration by periodically keying in livelihood and others supports especially to the Vulnerables and those from. Communities affected by conflict.
On 2nd August, as Directed by His Excellency, our team, Staff and volunteers roll out the cover the Almajiri component by providing cloths and cardigans to over 1500 Almajiris across 7 LGAs and 271 Tsangayas. The aim is:
1.To ensure teenage pupils in Tsangayas are not subjected to the hash harmattan weather
2.Tsangaya teachers to feel the integration process is multifaceted
3. To serve as a motivation for communities and stakeholders to key in
This and many intervention in line with Governor Bunis mandate will continue…
In separate remarks, the school heads thanks Governor Buni for the continued support and spacifically appreciated the fact that when we promise them to come back with cloths after Salla, they thought it is just a mere statement… Mallam Goni Umar said they were impressed when”Government came back and fulfil its Promise” this they said is unique.