Who we are

Yobe State Emergency management Agency was established by a law of Yobe State Emergency Management Agency and other matters related thereto of October 2010 to implement the state humanitarian, disaster, and emergency related activities in a coordinated and principled response to emergencies in Yobe State.


*To support communities prevent, protect, respond, and recover from emergency and disaster situations in a coordinated efforts to minimize the impact on lives, property, and the economy.*


*To be most responsive and strategy driven emergency preparedness and response agency in Yobe State*


  • Institutional Collaboration: Focuses on the established institutional arrangements for implementing disaster management within the Federal, State and Local Government levels. We work with office of the secretary to the state government, ministry of humanitarian affairs, ministry of budget and economic planning and ministry of health in delivering our objectives.
  • Coordination: Application of the National Disaster Management Framework Strategic and Operational types of coordination amongst stakeholders. The Strategic type covers the horizontal and vertical coordination mechanisms, while Operational defines field level coordination mechanisms.
  • Disaster Risk Assessment: Addresses the need for disaster risk assessment and monitoring hazards, vulnerabilities and measuring coping/adaptation capacities to set priorities for risk reduction and effectiveness of stakeholder’s efforts.
  • Disaster Risk Reduction: Introduces planning and implementation as Emergency Rapid Response strategies to inform development-oriented approaches to plans, programmes and projects that reduce disaster risks.
  • Disaster Preparedness, Prevention and Mitigation: Deals with strategies to prevent the occurrence of such disasters from having devastating impact on people, infrastructures and the economy; curtail the occurrence of disaster events; and reduce the impact of disasters, if they do occur.
  • Disaster Response: Focuses on the requirements for an integrated, coordinated policy that address rapid and effective response to disasters
  • Disaster Recovery: Dwells on strategies required for bringing back disaster affected area and victims to normalcy through rehabilitation and reintegration.