2023 Flood Megitation, Preparedness And Response.

2023 Flood Mitigation, Preparedness and Response

As part of the 2023 Flood Response Preparedness, SEMA, and UN OCHA carried out a 4 days field visit to flood-prone communities across 4 LGAs (Jakusko, Bade, Nguru, and Karasuwa) in the state.

The visit focused on community consultation and engagement in the form of Focus Group Discussion (FGD) targeting the LGA staff, community/religious leaders, Youths and Women group in the communities.

The objective of the visit is to share previous experiences and the threats posed by 2022 flood disaster, discuss risks factors, assess level of vulnerabilities, coping strategies, impacts, strengths, gaps, and as well review what the LGA and community are doing as part of preparation of 2023 flood disaster, especially with NiMET published 2023 Rainfall prediction outlook across the state.

Key deliberations were made and the findings will be shared with the appropriate authorities for action and or mitigation plans.

The next visit will focus on Geidam, Gulani, Gujba, Bursari and Tarmuwa LGAs.