148 Flood Victims across 3/6 of worse Hit Communities in Bursari are registered ahead of Government Support.

The road to recovery can be intimidating after a devastating flood disaster, but his Excellency Governor Mai Mala CON has directed SEMA to ensure victims are profiled across worse hit locations and supported within available resources.
SEMA response teams along side Bursari LGA were able to access some worse hit communities on 14th Oct 2022 following reconnection of road/accessibility with the flow of receding away from those locations.
The aim of profilling the victims is to provide them with imediate live saving and ensure that they form part of Government Flood Disaster Recovery Plan which entails Multidimensional response to reduce Food insecurity, support alternative measures and ensure victims are supported in rebuilding their homes during this trying moments.
In Bursari LGA 6 out of 20 communities were earmarked for profilling and registration at this phase of the response base on severity. Already SEMA team visited:
1. Ajiri Village
2. Gilbasu Maduri
3. Jawa
And over 148 household were profile in this 3 communities, the registration will continue in another 3 Communities:
Tarbutu and
While this and other assessment are compiled to support victims, SEMA will continue reaching victims with life saving support across affected communities.